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The testimonials below reflect the diversity of people's needs, experiences, and the differences that the Davis ® programmes have made to their lives.

"During the two week course with my facilitator, I have mastered the tools of orientation, release, and the energy dial. I have really come to respect myself and the way I work, resulting in me working with my skills and not against them.

A tool I am finding particularly useful is picture-at-punctuation. This has finally allowed me to keep information in my mind and not forgetting the whole page when I reach the end of it. Orientation is something that astounded me. I never thought I could use my imagination as a way to solve my dyslexia. Instead of concentrating, all I have to do is orient. It nearly pushed me to tears when I got the grasp of it, and everyone around me can see the change this course has done for me.

I truly can not thank you enough for the bursary. The Davis methods have completely changed my life. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be a success thanks to you"

Jonathan Edwards. (aged 23)

"Thank you for your wonderful support for J and me, as his mother. You have opened the world for him. We are very grateful. J is doing very well and is coming on leaps and bounds with his reading."

This was sent to J's Davis facilitator by his mother one year after his Davis programme had been completed. (J - aged 8)


"Before my 14 year old daughter started the programme, she was mainly in the top set at school but her spelling was really, really awful and her reading was affected as well. She was worried about starting her GCSE's, especially her English GCSE. She was worried about how many marks she would lose for spelling and she was worried about not being able to read the exam questions correctly and so answering wrongly.

The first thing I noticed was that as soon as she started the Davis programme with her facilitator, her confidence skyrocketed and has really stayed up. Since doing the programme, her marks, especially for English, have really improved. She recently got 100% in her English GCSE controlled assessment! And, at her last Parents' Evening, her English teacher asked me " what has she done, it's like she's not dyslexic anymore?" And it is true. Her spelling is now fine. These massive changes in spelling and confidence have meant that her motivation has really gone up. I would say that doing the Davis programme has really changed my daughter's life."

This was sent to the daughter's Davis facilitator, by her mother, a few months after her daughter (aged 16) had completed her Davis programme.


"Just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I passed all 3 of my exams, and wanted to share the good news! Clinical science - 74/100, OSCE science 66/100, surgical exam 70/100. I also got 76% in my written assignment. I guess the Davis method is working for me!"

"I couldn't have done it without you, So thank you so much, x Tee"

This was sent by Tee to her Davis facilitator once she had received her University exam results. Before taking the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme, Tee excelled at practical work but could hardly access the reading and writing requirements of her training as a theatre nurse.


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Gifts For Dyslexia Testimonial-2

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